Delicious Meal Plans

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Membership to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet gives you access to a number of different meal plans to suit your preferences.

All meal plans are created using the same higher protein, low GI philosophy which ensures satiety throughout the day. In other words, when you follow our meal plans you won't go hungry.

Instead of counting calories we focus on everyday whole foods and provide a simple meal plan that fits into your lifestyle. All meal plans are flexible and allow you to swap in and out meals that you like and don't like.

Our meal plans

After joining the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet you can select from a variety of meal plans or feel free to swap between meal plans over the duration of your membership.

Protein Balance

Our Protein Balance family of meal plans is different from other high protein diets. These plans distribute protein more evenly throughout the day to help you feel fuller between meals.

The latest Protein Balance meal plan is called Protein Balance Boost and will help you lose weight and boost your mood and wellbeing.

  • Protein Balance Boost: For weight loss and to boost your mood
  • Protein Balance Plus: Delicious new recipes
  • Protein Balance Basic: Cheaper and quicker options
  • Protein Balance: The original super popular Protein Balance option
picture of our delicious menu plan featuring hoisin beef stir fry

The basic idea is to get at least 25 g of protein at every meal - and around 100 g of protein per day. This will maximise your body fat loss and ensure muscle retention.

Learn more about Protein Balance.

Gut Health

If you are concerned about your gut health, this is the meal plan for you. The Gut Health meal plan has similiar protein levels to Protein Balance but the meals are designed to be gut friendly. 

You can take our Gut Health check to gauge the state of your gut. 

Total Wellbeing Diet for Gut Health meal plan is high in protein and focuses on fibre and resistant starch which has been designed for weight loss and to sort out stomach-related issues. The higher fibre and high protein combination works to increase satiety so you feel full throughout the day.

delicious gut health recipe of brown rice porridge

The Gut Health meal plan gradually introduces a higher fibre content into your diet to make sure you get used to it.

Learn more about Total Wellbeing Diet for Gut Health

Total Wellbeing Diet Classic

The Classic meal plan is based on the original CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. If you've had success with the Total Wellbeing Diet books in the past, the Classic meal plan will be familiar to you. 

delicious recipe of minute steak caponata

The basic philosophy of the Classic meal plan is higher protein and low GI foods combined for maximum satiety.

Special Edition for Diabetes

Our Special Edition for Diabetes plan is approved by Diabetes NSW and is suitable for people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. It is based on the Classic plan and contains many of the same delicious carbohydrate-controlled meals.

Learn more about Special Edition for Diabetes program here.

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Our Gluten Free meal plan is a version of the Classic plan which eliminates foods containing gluten from your daily meals.


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