Meal Plans

These easy and delicious meal plans will allow you to eat well and enjoy life on your weight loss journey.

  • Nutritionally balanced so you get full health benefits
  • Experience fewer cravings with higher protein, low GI meals

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Delicious Menu Plans

When you join the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, you get access to many different meal plans to suit your preferences. All of our meal plans follow a higher protein, low GI philosophy that keeps you feeling full all day – because losing weight doesn’t mean you have to go hungry!


This is our simplest meal plan ever. Designed to make eating well as easy as possible, while still providing you with delicious higher protein, low GI meals. You'll find new recipes and many no-cook meals that are quick and cost less but still taste great!

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Delicious meals that follow our much-loved higher protein, low GI philosophy with protein evenly spread across the day to help you manage hunger and boost your mood and wellbeing. Meal swaps are also available to suit your food and lifestyle preferences.

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Fast Start

Fast Start combines meal replacement shakes with the Total Wellbeing Diet digital platform to boost your weight loss. The new program has been designed for people who battle with cravings or who need a simpler way to begin losing weight.

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Gut Health

The Gut Health menu provides an even higher level of high fibre foods to help support gut health. With new recipes designed to boost the 'good bacteria' in your gut, this menu also balances protein across each meal of the day.

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Healthy & Indulgent

A menu plan that continues to harness the hunger-busting power of protein and low GI foods. You'll find plenty of recipes, with more protein-packed goodness from beans, lentils and fish (without taking meat off the menu!).

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Protein Balance

This much-loved menu plan distributes protein evenly across each meal of the day helping to control appetite, cravings and hunger. The meals have a summer vibe featuring refreshing smoothies and crunchy salads.

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Suitable for those with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. This meal plan follows the basic principles of the Total Wellbeing Diet. It helps you get the right distribution of carbohydrates and food groups throughout your day with the option to swap meals to suit your preference.

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A delicious 4-week gluten-free eating plan. The menu helps you learn the principles of the Total Wellbeing Diet with simple, nutritionally balanced gluten-free meals and snacks. You have the option to swap meals and customise the menu to suit your lifestyle.

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