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Our free health quizzes are scientifically designed to say gauge your current health and lifestyle. You can check the status of your gut, your current weight, your mindset when it comes to losing weight and get a score of your current diet.

Once you have completed one of our health quizzes, we'll provide valuable suggestions to areas of your health and lifestyle that you should improve. 

Diet Mindset Quiz

Take our Diet Mindset Quiz to find out more about your mindset and how you can boost your weight loss.

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What's your Diet Type?

The secret to successful weight loss may be understanding your Diet Type. Take the quiz now!

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Gut Health Check

Can improving your gut health help you lose weight? Try our Gut Health Check for Weight Loss.

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What's your Diet Score?

Discover how your diet measures up against Australia's healthy eating guidelines.

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Junk Food Analyser

Are you eating too much junk food? Discover how much you're eating and how it can affect your weight.

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BMI Calculator

Check your weight with our BMI Calculator and discover if you are in a healthy range.

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“I lost 51 kg* and got a refund^”

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