The Gut Health Check for Weight Loss

Can improving your gut health help you lose weight?

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About the Gut Health Check

Good gut health supports weight loss and is the key to feeling lighter inside and out.

But how good is your gut right now?

There’s an easy way to find out. CSIRO scientists have developed the Gut Health Check, a simple survey to help you understand how your diet and gut health are making you feel. By answering a few questions, it will give you a rating and make recommendations to put you on the right track.

Total Wellbeing Diet for Gut Health

The latest science proves the link between good gut health and weight loss.

When you feel lighter on the inside, it shows on the outside. The new CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet for Gut Health is designed to help make that happen for you.

Created by experts for healthy weight loss, it features a 12-week gut health menu plan which includes delicious new recipes focused on fibre diversity.

The new CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet for Gut Health is the easy and enjoyable way to feel lighter inside and out.