Pricing and Membership Options

See which membership option will work for you.

  • Get a refund^ of up to $199 on certain memberships
  • Choose to pay up front or in weekly instalments

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CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet pricing 

Choose the level of support you’d like with our different weight loss programs and membership options.

  • 12 Week Program (including Health Conditions Programs) – $199
  • Fast Start Program – $299
  • Premium Program – $349

All memberships are eligible for a refund^ of up to $199. Please see below for full details.

12 Week Program

The 12 Week Program is our core weight loss program. It includes access to Health Conditions Programs, meal plans, digital tracking tools, our mobile app and online community. 

  Upfront Monthly
Price $199 $79 x 3
Total cost $199 $237
Savings $38 -
Loyalty Plan* $19.95/month $19.95/month
Potential Refund $199 $199

Fast Start Program

The Fast Start Program includes all the features of the core 12 Week Program, but provides a different entry point involving the use of meal replacements.

  Upfront Monthly
Price  $299 $119 x 3
Shipping $9.95 -
Total Cost  $308.95 $357
Savings  $58 -
Loyalty Plan* $19.95/month $19.95/month
Potential Refund $199 $199

Premium Program

This total cost includes access to the 12 Week Program, three online Health Coaching sessions and a copy of the Complete Recipe Collection cookbook.

  Upfront Monthly
Price $349 $139
Total cost $349 $417
Savings $118 -
Loyalty Plan* $19.95/month $19.95/month
Potential Refund $199 $199

Please note that HBF has a special pricing for the Premium Program.

What's included

  12 Week Program Fast Start Program

Premium Program

12 weeks of easy, delicious meal plans

Digital tracking tools

Simple home exercise plans

Access to Android and iOS member app
Access to supportive online community
Refund of up to $199^
Fast Start Meal Replacement Shakes - -
3 x Total Wellbeing Health Coaching sessions - -
A copy of the CSIRO Complete Recipe Collection cookbook - -

Loyalty plan

To make sure you don’t lose access to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet when your program ends (including all meal plans and digital tools), memberships will automatically roll over to our monthly Loyalty Plan. 

You can view the terms at the bottom of the registration page when you join to see whether your membership will automatically roll over to the Loyalty Plan.  

For monthly Loyalty Plan pricing details please see the pricing overview table above.  

You can cancel the Loyalty Plan at any time during your membership in the My Account section of the website or by contacting customer service.  

Get a refund^ of up to $199

We’re committed to our members’ success. That’s why we offer a refund^ when you complete the program.  

Please note the refund is not available to existing members, Program 2, or promotions including bundled offers and rebated offers.  

Learn more about the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet refund offer.  

Seniors and DVA Members

We offer discounted rates for Seniors and DVA members. To find out more about these offers, click here if you are a senior or click here if you are a DVA member.

Health Fund rebates 

Learn about which private health insurers offer their members rebates and pay for your CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet membership fees

Payment Options

You can pay with credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express), PayPal or Afterpay. 

Afterpay is available on selected full-price plans. When paying with Afterpay, payments are split into four equal instalments, which are paid fortnightly. The first payment is made at registration. If the remaining payments are made on time, you won’t pay anything extra to use Afterpay. If you don't have an Afterpay account, you can sign up when you join the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. 

Please note, if you choose to pay with Afterpay, you will be ineligible for our refund offer


We work with a number of HR departments and wellness teams in tailoring the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet offering for staff in corporate companies and government departments. For more information regarding our packages please email: [email protected] 

For any pricing and membership queries, please contact our member services team.