Dive Deeper With Program 2

If you've finished the first 12 weeks of our online program and want to keep losing and learning, Program 2 is for you!

You'll enjoy brand new, delicious meal plans to boost your mood and wellbeing (exclusive to Program 2) and we'll dive deeper into the psychology behind weight loss.

Even better, you'll get 2 free dietitian sessions with our Accredited Practising Dietitians to use at any point in your journey!

  • Brand new weight loss tutorials from our CSIRO experts 
  • 2 dietitian sessions with our Accredited Practising Dietitians, valued at $69
  • Brand new Protein Balance Boost menu plan
  • Simple and delicious recipes, exclusive to Program 2
  • Access to all the great website tools you already use 

New lessons on healthy living

Topics that are covered include motivational techniques, mindful eating, dealing with social situations like restaurant visits, learning to become more active in your daily life, how to include your family in your new healthy lifestyle, learning to pump iron (i.e. using resistance training to lose and maintain weight) and much, much more.

New and delicious meal plans

Included in Program 2 is a variety of new and exclusive meal plans - plus all the other meal plans you currently have access to but haven't yet tried.

Includes two dietitian sessions

To help you stay strong and motivated, we include two dietitian sessions with Program 2!

These sessions with our Accredited Practicing Dietitians provide extra support to help you reach your weight loss goals and better understand how you can get the most from your time on Program 2.

Brenda lost 17kg* and improved her health

As Brenda's career progressed so did the pressure, and soon her weight and cholesterol began to climb.

Brenda went on to lose a total of 17kg using our online program - 9kg on Program 1 and a further 8kg on Program 2. This was a great achievement for Brenda's overall health. Not only was she able to lower her cholesterol levels without any medical intervention, but she was able to avoid any nasty side effects that may have come with them.

*In 24 weeks. Individual results may vary. 

How to join

Only current or former members can join Program 2. To continue the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet on Program 2, please visit our renewal page.

Please note, Program 2 is not eligible for the refund offer.