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  • On average, members lose 7.2% of body weight in 12 weeks
  • "Super star" members lose an average of 21.7% of body weight

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A science-based program designed for Australians

Since the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet was first launched, scientists have been studying the habits of thousands of members at different stages of their weight loss journey. This ongoing research has helped the diet and program evolve to ensure the online tools support members in not only achieving the greatest weight loss but also in keeping the weight off long term.

Long-term weight loss study results

CSIRO recently analysed the long-term weight loss results of CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members. The data showed that on average members who complete the 12 Week Program lose 7.2% after 12 weeks, 9% after 6 months and then maintain their weight loss for the remainder of the year.

This study revealed the importance of tracking, self-monitoring and ongoing education. Members who lost 10% or more of their body weight in their first year used the online tools and features more often — they viewed the menu plan, used the food diary and tracked their weight more regularly — than members who lost less than 5%.

Our “super star” members (those who engaged with the tools and features the most) continued to lose weight for a full year, with an average total weight loss of 22.3kg or 21.7% after 1 year. ⓘ

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet weight loss journey

Our science-based approach means you can learn from the success of other members and follow a pathway to Start Strong, Stay Strong, and remain Ever Strong for a lifetime of health and wellbeing. The online program and tools are designed to support and motivate you every step of the way so you can achieve the best possible results.

Start Strong

12 Week Program (Week 1-12)

This is where you begin your weight loss journey. Designed to help you lose weight quickly but sustainably in the first 12 weeks.

Goal: Learn the basics and philosophy
Weight Loss: Lose 5-7% of starting body weight

What it involves:

  • Discover a new way of eating
  • Follow the meal plan
  • Track your food and exercise
  • Weigh in regularly
  • Learn from our thriving community
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Stay Strong

Program 2 (Week 13-24)

You continue on your path to weight loss with Program 2 which helps you stay strong for your next 12-week journey.

Goal: Make the philosophy your own
Weight Loss: Lose 7-9% of starting body weight

What it involves:

  • Learn how to freestyle
  • Focus on staying motivated
  • Keep using the weight loss tools
  • Get inspired with new recipes
  • Stay connected with our community
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Ever Strong

Loyalty (Week 25+)

Once your confidence has grown, and you’re more comfortable living the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet philosophy, the Loyalty Plan is your ongoing support that helps you remain Ever Strong.

Goal: Live the philosophy and learn how to reset
Weight Loss: Lose 8-21% of starting body weight

What it involves:

  • Freestyle with confidence
  • Stay accountable
  • Use the tools to reset
  • Learn how to overcome plateaus
  • Motivate other members

Start Strong with the 12 Week Program

The 12 Week Program draws on CSIRO research which showed, putting maximum effort into the first three weeks of a diet — by engaging with the right weight loss support tools — achieved better early and longer-term weight loss results.  

During the 12 Week Program you will gain access to delicious meal plans, week-by-week guidance, and Group Coaching, so you can learn the philosophy and get the most from the weight loss tools. Your personal AI-inspired weight loss coach, called Hope, will help you set a weight loss goal and keep you motivated along the way so you can reach your goal.  

For members with specific health conditions, we have bespoke programs for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint pain available as part of the 12 Week Program at no extra charge.

People who struggle with cravings can benefit from our Fast Start Program which includes meal replacements. If you’re looking for extra one-on-one support, our Premium Program includes the 12 Week Program plus three health coaching sessions and the CSIRO Complete Recipe Collection cookbook.

Stay Strong with Program 2

In Program 2, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet philosophy, so you can begin to make the diet work for your lifestyle. You will also gain access to new delicious meal plans and week-by-week guidance to keep you inspired to eat well and further grow your knowledge.  

To ensure you are able to overcome challenges so you can reach your goals, Program 2 also includes continued support through Group Coaching sessions exclusive to members and the option to purchase additional personalised support via two health coaching sessions with Accredited Practising Dietitians. 

Ever Strong with Loyalty Plan

The longer-term research shows that members who continue to use the online tools are more likely to achieve even greater weight loss and keep it off. With the Loyalty Plan you are provided with access to the same great science-based online tools and member community, keeping you accountable and focused on your habits to ensure continued weight loss or weight maintenance.  

When life happens and you need a reset or extra support, the Loyalty Plan ensures you have easy access to the meal plans, Group Coaching, and the Fast Start Program, to help you get back on track. 

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