Buddy Deal

Don't face the challenge of weight loss alone - join our Buddy Deal today!

Tackling a new weight loss plan with a partner or friend can make all the difference in your journey to better health - which is why we offer a Buddy Deal.

Our Buddy Deal allows you and a friend to start on the same day, follow the same meal plan, do the same exercises and share the ups and downs of the journey together. Best of all – you will save $100! 

Gary and Eva lost 55 kg* with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet! 

When Gary joined the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet he weighed in at 112 kg and had signs of prediabetes. He initially joined by himself, but after the initial weight started to come off, Gary's wife Eva decided to join as well.

Together, the pair lost an amazing 55 kg.

Doing the diet together made all the difference they said, attributing their success to having the support of a partner and not being tempted to eat junk food as they each had their own weight loss goals.

gary and eva who lost 55 kg together on the total wellbeing diet

"Supporting each other is a major boost for both of us, when one of us feels like giving up and pigging out the other is usually strong and we prop each other up in our weak times," Gary said.

"Eva admitted that she wouldn't have done anything about losing weight unless she had the support of someone".

"We're a lot more active together these days, mainly recreational cycling and taking long walks by the river. In June we are going to Germany and Austria to do a bike and boat river cruise, something we wouldn't have dreamed about doing before our weight loss".

*In 13 months. Individual results may vary.

Buddy Up To Improve Success

When you sign up to our Buddy Deal, you will get:

  • 2 private, separate accounts with personalised menu plans
  • Scientifically proven weight loss plan from the CSIRO
  • 12 weeks of easy, delicious meal plans
  • 1,000 healthy recipes and meal ideas
  • Member-only app
  • Practical exercise plans you can do at home
  • Reminders and tracking tools to keep you motivated
  • Printable shopping lists
  • Private & supportive online member group
  • Ability to sync your Fitbit or Garmin to the website

* Please note, a refund is not available with this offer. If you would like to purchase the refund offer, please join separately.

If you don't have a buddy you can join with, don't worry! Our supportive Facebook community has over 10,000 members just like you who can celebrate your achievements with you!

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