Beyond the 12-week program

Many members choose to stay with the Total Wellbeing Diet for longer than the initial 12 weeks, whether they still have weight to lose or have achieved their weight loss goals. 

We have a number of weight loss programs available at TWD with different meal plans and lessons depending on your progress.

Program 1

Duration: 12 weeks

All new TWD members start on Program 1 which kick starts your weight loss with easy-to-follow diet plans and exercise plans. Program 1 will explain the TWD philosophy in simple terms and set you up for a healthy diet for life.

After you've completed Program 1 you can currently move on to 2 different plans: Program 2 or our Loyalty plan.

Program 2

Duration: 12 weeks

We've found that not everyone gets to their goal weight in the first 12 weeks and need another little boost to keep them going. That's why we created Program 2 which is a more in-depth plan with new menu plans and recipes.

In Program 2 we focus deeper on body and mind wellness and it's a must for anyone who still have weight to lose.

Key new features of Program 2 include:

  • New delicious, family- friendly meal plans
  • A new 12 week program
  • New scientific tips on weight loss

From Program 2, you can move on to our Loyalty plan.

Loyalty plan

Duration: Ongoing month to month

The Loyalty plan is available to members who have completed one of our other plans and it provides you with continued access to all programs you have previously been a member to. This means you can restart the programs from the beginning and you’ll have access to all the same menu plans.

What if I leave TWD?

If you for some reason should leave TWD and return later, we will make sure all programs you have been a member of are still available to you when you come back.

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