Weight Loss for High Cholesterol

Improve your eating habits, lose weight and lower your cholesterol.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is more than just a weight-loss strategy – it’s a protein packed, low saturated fat eating plan that helps lower your blood lipid levels (also known as your cholesterol).

The CSIRO conducted several trials to determine which dietary approaches give the best results for weight loss. The trials found the Total Wellbeing Diet resulted in significant reductions in total and LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol, and increases in ‘good’ HDL cholesterol over 12 weeks.

Total Wellbeing Diet for High Cholesterol

Studies have shown that eating a high protein, balanced meal plan is an effective approach to weight loss and improving your cholesterol levels.

When you join our 12 Week Program for High Cholesterol, you will gain access to:

  • A scientifically formulated weight loss plan from the CSIRO
  • Easy and delicious high protein, low GI recipes
  • Educational content and special advice on how to lower your cholesterol
  • Useful online tracking tools so you can watch your body change
  • Access to our Android & iOS companion app
  • Simple exercise plans you can do at home
  • A supportive online community to keep you motivated
  • A refund^ of $199 if you adhere to the program

What to expect when you join

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a higher protein, low GI eating plan that has been created and tested by Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO.

Our program is built around protein foods, but also includes plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables as well as ‘good’ fats that have been shown to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood.

By joining our online program you can improve your eating habits, lose weight, lower your cholesterol and improve your health.

78% of members who lost significant weight reported improvements in their cholesterol levels.

Citation: Hendrie & WilliamsCSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online: Member Survey. Understanding the health impacts of the program. CSIRO2019.

Meet members who lowered their cholesterol:

Brenda avoided medication 

Not only was Brenda able to lower her cholesterol levels without any medical intervention, she was able to avoid any nasty side effects that may have come with them. In addition, she dropped an impressive 17 kg*, which lead to a shopping spree and a whole new wardrobe.

*in 6 months. Individual results may vary.

Glenda is now medication free

"I tried two different types of cholesterol tablets, but the side effects didn't seem worth it." With our program Glenda lost 23 kg*, and a blood test after the program revealed her blood sugar levels and blood pressure was normal and her cholesterol had dropped. 

*in 6 months. Individual results may vary.