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We make it easy to lose weight

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a scientific approach to weight loss which combines delicious high protein meal plans with powerful online tracking tools.

The 12 Week Program is the core module of our weight loss system and it is where you should start if you want to lose weight quickly but sustainably. The 12 Week Program will also give you access to our health condition-specific programs for no extra charge.

By signing up via this registration page, you can get 25% off the regular price of our 12 Week Online Program (RRP $199) - a saving of $50!

About the 12 Week Program

When you join our 12 Week Program, you’ll have access to loads of great features designed to make it easy for you to lose weight. These include:

  • A scientifically formulated weight loss plan from the CSIRO
  • Delicious, simple meal plans suitable for singles and families
  • At-home exercise plans for all fitness levels
  • Mobile app and tracking tools to monitor your success
  • A supportive community to keep you motivated
  • Telehealth sessions with Total Wellbeing Health Coaches (optional)

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Janice lost 19 kg*

Janice feels 10 years younger

"I never ever thought I would lose the weight around the middle. All I heard from other women was how hard it is to lose weight during or after menopause, but now I have a waist again!"

"My energy levels have increased and I feel 10 years younger and lighter! My mood swings are gone, I am sleeping better and now that I am through menopause I look and feel like I did in my 30’s."

*in 26 weeks. Individual results may vary.

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Gary lost 40 kg*

Gary turned his health around

Gary's GP diagnosed him with prediabetes and told him to lose weight to avoid type 2 diabetes, reduce his blood pressure and alleviate his sleep apnoea.

With the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Gary lost 40 kg* and today he is no longer suffering from prediabetes.

*Individual results may vary

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