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NEW IN 2018

How much protein do you need for healthy weight loss?

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  What's new in 2018

Our 12 week online program is new and improved in 2018

  • New Protein Balance program helps boost craving control
  • New member app for iOS
  • Delicious new recipes and meals plans
  • Scientifically formulated by researchers at CSIRO
  • Convenience of losing weight online
  • Full refund when you successfully complete the 12 week program (conditions apply)
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New Protein Balance program

  • Protein Balance controls appetite
  • Low GI carbs stop you feeling hungry
  • Scientifically proven for weight loss
  • Generous portions
  • Family friendly
  • 1000s of delicious meals and recipes
  • A daily indulgence keeps you satisfied
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New Protein Balance program

More about the diet

The 12 Week Program is fully refundable

To motivate our members to succeed with the 12 Week Program we are offering a full refund when you complete the plan.

Only $199
for 12 weeks fully refundable
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Over 500,000 Australians have lost weight on the Total Wellbeing Diet

Sam lost 38kg*

*Individual results may vary

Sarah lost 83kg*

*Individual results may vary

George lost 15kg*

*Individual results may vary

Alan lost 12kg*

*Individual results may vary

Sue lost 32.5kg*

*Individual results may vary

"I feel much fitter, look much better and am more in control of my weight"

– George Sainsbury

Our weight loss results
Professor Manny Noakes, CSIRO Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Glycemic Index Foundation

Scientifically proven for weight loss

The CSIRO considers the Total Wellbeing Diet one of its top 10 innovations in 100 years – right up there with wifi and Aerogard! In the online version, CSIRO has collaborated with the Glycemic Index Foundation to bring you a practical eating plan optimised for weight loss and metabolic control.

Suitable for health conditions

Join Premium for extra support

With our Premium service you get the personal support of one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians to coach you through your time with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. 

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