How Total Wellbeing Diet syncs with Google Fit

  • Connect your favourite activity devices to make following the program even easier
  • Sync steps and workouts from devices connected to Google Fit

The Total Wellbeing Diet connects with Google Fit to read data such as workouts, steps and general physical activity, and effortlessly add it to your Food & Exercise Tracker.

This helps you to better follow the program guidelines, especially the goal of achieving 30 minutes exercise a day.  

Any data collected is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Getting started 

Any devices you want to sync data from first need to be connected to the Google Fit app on your phone. Once you have connected your devices to Google Fit, take these steps:

  1. Open the Total Wellbeing Diet app on your phone
  2. Go to Settings > Connect Devices
  3. Follow the prompts to connect Total Wellbeing Diet to Google Fit

How to sync in the app

Once you have connected with Google Fit, the Total Wellbeing Diet app will attempt to sync data when you open it. You can also tap the sync icon to start a sync at any time.

You’ll find the sync icon in the top left of the Home and Tracker screens. There is also a sync button in the Settings section on the Connect Devices screen.

What data is synced

We currently sync workouts, steps and general activity data from Google Fit.

If you are using an activity tracker, such as a Fitbit, make sure it is connected and has permission to write to Google Fit.


Any workouts recorded by your device and synced to Google Fit will appear as individual exercises in the Tracker. Workouts will appear in the Morning, Afternoon or Evening sections of the Tracker, depending on when the workout was recorded by your device.

General activity

General activity recorded by your device will be listed in your Tracker as “Physical Activity (excluding workouts)”. This will always be added to the Morning section, even if you did this activity later in the day.


Any steps recorded by your device will be synced with your Tracker. When the app syncs steps, it does not receive the estimated energy for that activity so it is possible that you could have taken many steps without any associated calories burned. However, if you are using a device such as a Fitbit and have connected this to Google Fit, this activity will usually be accounted for by the “Physical Activity (excluding workouts)” item.


I don’t think my data has synced

If after trying the sync button you can’t see the data you expected, go to the Google Fit app to check that the data you expect to see is there. Then return to the app and try the sync button again.

Make sure you have given the app permission to read data

If you are not seeing the data you expect after tapping the sync button and checking the Google Fit app, the next step is to check that this app has permission to read data from Google Fit. You can check these permissions in your device settings.

None of my historical workouts have synced

The app syncs data from midnight on the day you connected it to Google Fit. It does not sync data prior to this point to avoid duplicating any data you may have already entered.