Special Edition for Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Losing weight with a healthy diet and by being active is the best course of action to prevent prediabetes from developing or manage Type 2 diabetes.

That is why we, in partnership with Diabetes NSW, have developed the Special Edition for Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes program.

If you have prediabetes, losing weight and keeping it off could prevent you from developing Type 2 diabetes. 

We do all the hard work for you

Managing diabetes is hard enough, so the special edition 12 Week Program makes it easy for you to lose weight and improve your blood glucose. Each week you’ll have access to:

  • Simple, delicious carbohydrate-controlled meal plans
  • Special advice on how diet affects blood glucose control
  • Practical exercise plans you can do at home
  • Reminders and tracking tools to keep you on track
  • A caring community to keep you motivated

Gary was diagnosed with prediabetes - lost 40 kg*

When Gary experienced concerning symptoms like hazy vision he visited his GP and was diagnosed with prediabetes. His GP recommended he lose weight to try to alleviate his health problems, so Gary joined the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. 

With the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Gary lost 40 kg* and today he is no longer suffering from prediabetes: 

"One thing I appreciate most about losing the weight is the health aspect," Gary says. "I'm a lot fitter and I'm sleeping better so when I wake up in the morning I feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the day."

*In 18 months. Individual results may vary. 

Work with your GP

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a great choice when you need to lose weight and get your diabetes under control but it’s important to do it in conjunction with your doctor and diabetes care team.

The 12 Week Program includes the meal plans, exercise plans and tutorials you need for a healthy lifestyle but it does not include medical advice or medication. For this advice, always be guided by your medical team.

Membership is packed with value

When you join the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, you’ll have access to loads of great features designed to make it easy for you to lose weight.

  • A scientifically formulated weight loss program from CSIRO
  • 12 weeks of easy, delicious meal plans that are carbohydrate-controlled
  • Expert weight loss guides including tips on blood glucose control
  • 1,000s of delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas
  • All recipes from the six Total Wellbeing Diet cookbooks
  • Practical exercise plans you can do at home
  • Reminders and tracking tools to keep you on track
  • Easy print shopping lists
  • Community to keep you motivated
  • Forums to share the journey with 1000s of other members
  • Ability to synch your Fitbit or Garmin to the website
  • Refund^ if you adhere to the online program