Terms and Conditions

Free Health Coach Session Offer

Last modified as of 26 June 2018.

Special provisions for the free Health Coach session promotion: 

  1. Offer includes 1 x 20 minute free session with a Total Wellbeing Health Coach 
  2. Session to be conducted during business hours (AEST)
  3. Session booking is managed through your online Total Wellbeing Diet account. Due to high demand during the promotional period there may be reduced availabilities for Coaching sessions, especially during the first 2 weeks of the program. We recommend booking your session in week 3-6 of the program in order to make the best use of your time with our Coach. 
  4. For best use of your time during the session, please complete the introductory survey prior to your booking time. 
  5. Medical nutrition advice is not provided during the session.
  6. The offer is available from 22-30 July 2018. 
  7. The offer cannot be combined with any other promotion including our full refund offer

In redeeming this offer, you also agree to the following:

I hereby agree to participate in the Coaching sessions (“Sessions”) conducted by SP Health Co. Pty Ltd ABN 73 123 248 046 (“SPH”)(trading as "Digital Wellness") in conjunction with the Total Wellbeing Diet online program.

I acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of this release document apply in addition to the Total Wellbeing Diet Terms and Conditions (“TWD T&Cs”) and the provisions of the TWD T&Cs (including, without limitation, disclaimer of warranties, limitations of liabilities and indemnities in favour of SPH) apply in relation to my participation in the Sessions. To the extent of any inconsistency, the terms of the TWD T&Cs take precedence over the terms of this release document.

I acknowledge that to be eligible to participate in the Sessions, I must remain a member of the Total Wellbeing Diet and if for any reason I am no longer a member, I will not be entitled to participate in the Sessions.

The Sessions will operate to connect me with my Total Wellbeing Health Coach ("Coach"), an Accredited Practising Dietitian, through video conferencing facilities built into the Total Wellbeing Diet online program.

The purpose of the Sessions is to provide motivation, support, accountability and guidance (delivered by the Coach) on using the Total Wellbeing Diet online program.

Length of Sessions:

  • I will be entitled to 1 session.
  • Session will be up to 20 minutes in duration

I understand that in order to participate in a Session I must:

  • Use Chrome or Firefox as my internet browser (current version).
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer rather than mobile device.
  • Complete an introductory questionnaire prior to my first Session.
  • Attend Sessions on time.

I also understand that the Sessions will operate to complement my participation in the Total Wellbeing Diet online program and that they are not intended to deliver dietary advice specific to a medical condition (i.e. medical nutrition therapy). I should discuss my dietary requirements in relation to any such medical condition with my health care professional.

I agree to provide accurate and reliable self-reported health information such as body weight, and food records as required, in order for my Coach to provide appropriate nutritional advice.

I acknowledge that if I wish to cancel or reschedule a Session I am required to provide a minimum of 24 hours to SPH. I must provide such notice via the Total Wellbeing Diet online within the My Health Coach section of the website.

If I wish to cancel or reschedule a Session with less than 24 hours’ notice, I must contact customer support to do so.

If within the first 5 minutes of my first Session, I am not satisfied with the service provided by my Coach then I may cancel the Session within that first 5 minutes. I must contact customer support immediately following cancellation of the Session to change my Coach.

If I am more than 10 minutes late to a Session, this will be classed as a completed Session.

If I cancel or reschedule a Session outside of the 24-hour cancellation notice period this will be classed as a completed Session, unless SPH determines (in its discretion) that the member’s cancellation or rescheduling arose due to special circumstances or an emergency.

I hereby consent to:

  • Video Sessions being recorded and kept securely on file.
  • My Coach recording Session notes which potentially contain personal information.
  • My Coach accessing details of my use of the Total Wellbeing Diet online website at any time during my 12 week program.

I acknowledge that my personal information will be used by SPH in accordance with its Privacy Policy. In addition to the terms of that policy, I acknowledge and agree that

  • My personal information may be accessed by my Coach and other Coaches and used for the purposes of conducting Sessions (including, without limitation, for scheduling Sessions); and
  • SPH may use my personal information for potential promotional purposes.