Minute steak sandwiches with pesto and grilled vegetables

Main Meals (Dinners)
Prep   10 min
Cook   5 min

These super-quick sandwiches are a satisfying lunch. If you have a spare dairy unit, you might like to add 25 g shaved parmesan to each sandwich.

  • Zucchini, 2 medium, trimmed and sliced on the diagonal
  • Red capsicum, 1 capsicum(s), trimmed, seeded and cut into thick slices
  • Olive oil spray, 1 spray(s)
  • Beef silverside minute steak, extra lean, raw, 400 g, 4 x 100 g steaks (beef or veal)
  • Mixed grain bread, 4 slice(s)
  • Basil pesto, 2 tablespoon(s)
  • Tomato, 2 medium, thinly sliced (optional)
  • Watercress, 1 handful(s)


  1. Heat a chargrill plate or heavy-based frying pan over medium–high heat. Spray the zucchini and capsicum with olive oil. Cook the zucchini for 3–4 minutes, turning once, or until lightly charred and tender, then set aside. Cook the capsicum for 4–5 minutes, turning once, or until lightly charred and tender, then set aside. Cook the steak for 1 minute on each side or until cooked through but still a little pink in the middle.
  2. Lay out the bread slices on a board and spread with pesto. Divide the zucchini and tomato (if using) among the slices, then cut the steaks into two or three pieces and place on top. Add the capsicum and watercress, season to taste with salt and pepper, then serve.

Nutrition facts per serve
Makes 4 serves

Note: If food units vary from the book, be guided by the following food units.

Meat & Protein 1
Bread & Cereals1
Healthy Fats & Oils0.5
Protein30.4 g
Total fat8.4 g
- Saturated fat1 g
Total carbohydrates23.1 g
- Total sugars6.8 g
Fibre5.2 g
Sodium382 mg