Mediterranean tuna grain salad

Prep   10 min
Cook   5 min
  • Broccoli, 2 cup(s), cut into florets
  • Brown rice, heat & serve, 2 125g quick cup(s)
  • Tuna, canned in water, 1 180g can(s), drained
  • Chickpeas, canned, drained, ⅔ 400g can(s) (drained), rinsed
  • Roasted red capsicum, 50 g, in brine, drained, thinly sliced
  • Cherry tomatoes, 100 g, halved
  • Rocket, any type, 2 cup(s), or mixed leaf salad
  • Capers, 2 teaspoon(s), drained, optional
  • Almonds, 1 tablespoon(s), sliced, toasted (optional)
  • Lemon, 1 lemon(s), halved


Boil, steam or microwave broccoli. Refresh in a bowl of iced water. Drain well. Place into a large bowl.

Cook rice according to directions on the packet.

Flake the tuna into pieces, add to the broccoli along with cooked rice, chickpeas, capsicum, tomatoes, rocket & spinach mix, capers and almonds. Squeeze over one lemon half, season. Toss gently to combine. Divide between plates or bowls. Serve with remaining lemon.

TIP: The salad will keep 2-3 days in the fridge. Combine all the ingredients except the lemon and nuts and store in an airtight container. Store nuts separately. Dress salad with lemon and nuts just before serving.

Nutrition facts per serve
Makes 2 serves

Note: If food units vary from the book, be guided by the following food units.

Meat & Protein 1
Bread & Cereals2
Healthy Fats & Oils1
Protein33.7 g
Total fat12.3 g
- Saturated fat2.2 g
Total carbohydrates55.5 g
- Total sugars5.5 g
Fibre12.5 g
Sodium664 mg
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