Lemon cheesecake bliss balls

Sweets & Desserts
Prep   10 min
  • Desiccated coconut, ½ cup(s)
  • Almond meal, ½ cup(s)
  • Cream cheese, light, 125 g
  • Lemon, ½ lemon(s), juiced and zested
  • Honey, 2 tablespoon(s)
  • Vanilla essence, 2 teaspoon(s)


In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients well. Once well combined, use clean damp hands to roll the mix into six evenly sized bliss balls.

Lay on a plate or tray, and refrigerate for at least twenty minutes prior to serving. This will help them firm up a little.

Nutrition facts per serve
Makes 6 serves

Note: If food units vary from the book, be guided by the following food units.

Meat & Protein 0
Bread & Cereals0
Healthy Fats & Oils1.3
Protein4.1 g
Total fat12.5 g
- Saturated fat6.2 g
Total carbohydrates11.4 g
- Total sugars9.5 g
Fibre2 g
Sodium74 mg
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