Tofu, banana and peanut butter smoothie

Breakfast & Brunch|Vegetarian
Prep   5 min
  • The Complete Dairy High Protein Milk, Light, ¾ cup(s)
  • Silken tofu, 100 g
  • Rolled oats, raw, 25 g
  • Banana, 1 medium
  • Honey, 2 teaspoon(s), optional
  • Peanut butter (smooth or crunchy), unsalted, 1½ teaspoon(s)


Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Serve smoothie in a glass for high protein breakfast.

TIP: If you are unable to find high protein milk, either add 1/4 cup skim milk powder to 1 cup (250ml) of low fat milk. Alternatively, you can use a low fat milk and/or add a high protein yoghurt e.g. Chobani, keeping in mind it will change the texture. Just remember to add this to your tracker to ensure you meet your dairy unit. 

Nutrition facts per serve
Makes 1 serve

Note: If food units vary from the book, be guided by the following food units.

Meat & Protein 1
Bread & Cereals1
Healthy Fats & Oils1.1
Protein25.7 g
Total fat11.3 g
- Saturated fat3.3 g
Total carbohydrates55.2 g
- Total sugars33.5 g
Fibre6.7 g
Sodium76 mg