Curb your cravings with our new Protein Balance program

New in 2018 is our Protein Balance program - a meal plan that increases fat loss and decreases feelings of hunger by distributing protein more evenly across meals.

A new report from the CSIRO, Protein Balance: New concepts for protein in weight management, shows that eating more protein, especially at breakfast, may be the key to achieving healthy weight loss.

“If you find it difficult to control what you eat, a redistribution of protein toward breakfast may be the answer to reducing your waistline without leaving you ravenously hungry and craving unhealthy foods,” says Professor Manny Noakes, Senior Principal Research Scientist for CSIRO.

The report shows that for most Australians protein consumption is skewed towards the evening meal with only small amounts eaten at breakfast.

New in 2018: Protein Balance program

That's why we created the Protein Balance program - a meal plan that distributes more protein towards the morning meal.

By getting enough protein at breakfast it gets easier to avoid unhealthy snacking later in the day. According to our Healthy Diet Score survey unhealthy snacking is the main culprit for a poor diet and the resulting weight gain.

To accompany the Protein Balance program we have created a menu plan of quick and delicious new recipes to suit the current scientific evidence.

What do I get with the Protein Balance program?

  • A scientifically formulated weight loss program from CSIRO
  • 12 weeks of easy, delicious meal plans
  • New protein rich recipes
  • An exclusive weight loss guide personalised for your Diet Type
  • 1000s of delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas
  • All recipes from the six Total Wellbeing Diet cookbooks
  • Practical exercise plans you can do at home
  • Reminders and tracking tools to keep you on track
  • Easy print shopping lists
  • Connection to Woolworths Online for easy grocery shopping
  • Forums to share the journey with 1000s of other members
  • Ability to sync your Fitbit or Garmin to the website
  • Full refund if you successfully complete the program

But I'm already a member!

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