Success Stories

Be inspired by the incredible success stories of our members, who have turned their lives around, lost weight and lead a healthier lifestyle through using the Total Wellbeing Diet. 

Caught in a cycle of emotional eating and exercise

Throughout his youth, Alan used exercise to manage his weight. But as he grew older, injuries and a poor diet caught up with him.

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Too busy to lose weight?

Life as a politician is not easily combined with a healthy lifestyle but that didn't stop Sue from losing 32.5 kg.

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Sam lost 38 kg* - gained back her sense of adventure

*Individual results may vary

Sam used to be active and up for anything but weight gain made her hide away. With the Total Wellbeing diet, she lost 38 kg.

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Ivette fell in love with the food

*Individual results may vary

Ivette knew she weighed a little too much but never expected a health check to say that she was overweight. 

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For Susan, weight gain and sleep apnoea became a vicious cycle

*Individual results may vary

Always tired from sleep apnoea, Susan could never find the energy or motivation to exercise and lose weight. Until she found the Total Wellbeing Diet.

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I wake up a lot better. When I wake up, I actually feel refreshed!

*Individual results may vary

The single biggest change in Richard's life since losing the weight is that he sleeps much, much better. And because he's not snoring as much as he used to - so does the rest of the house.

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"I buy size 14 trousers! I haven’t bought that size since I was 18!"

*Individual results may vary

A certain ill-fitting cocktail dress was Leah's trigger to finally heed her doctor's advice and lose the weight for good. Read on to discover the secret behind Leah's incredible body transformation. 

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"I wanted to be healthy and participate in my grandson's life"

*Individual results may vary

Deborah decided to finally lose the weight after becoming a grandmother for the first time.

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Separation leads to big lifestyle changes for Trish

*Individual results may vary

The split with her husband made Trish determined to reach her goal weight.

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Diet tweaks lead to big changes for Leanne

*Individual results may vary

Despite being at a healthy weight, Leanne knew that something wasn’t quite right with her diet. She seemed to get nowhere in her training and realised she had to do something. 

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'I feel like I have myself back' - Wendy lost 15kg*

*Individual results may vary

An ultimatum from her GP made Wendy join the Total Wellbeing Diet, Wendy shares her before and after success story with us. 

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Chiara - mum of 3 - lost 14kg*

*Individual results may vary

Chiara - mother of 3 beautiful daughters - lost 14kg on the Total Wellbeing Diet and today she is happier with her weight than she's ever been.

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LeAnn lost 20kg with Dietitian Plus*

*Individual results may vary

LeAnn attributes her weight gain to a very active social life and the eating and drinking that involved. With the Total Wellbeing Diet and Dietitian Plus, LeAnn learnt how to keep her social life while eating healthily - and losing 20kg in the process*!

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Eliza lost 15 kg*

*Individual results may vary

After years of trying different types of diets, Eliza was never able to budge the weight and keep it off – until now. Eliza has lost an impressive 15 kg* with the Total Wellbeing Diet and attributes the program’s realistic approach to weight loss and balanced meals to her weight loss success.

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Kerry lost 20kg*

*Individual results may vary

Since losing 20kg* with the Total Wellbeing Diet, Kerry is feeling more confident in herself than she ever has before.

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Jim and Christine lost 18kg*

*Individual results may vary

When Jim and Christine decided it was time to lose weight, it made sense for them to do it together to improve their weight loss motivation. The result was a combined loss of 18kg and a return to their former active lifestyle.

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Peter lost 31 kg*

*Individual results may vary

Change your habits or be too sick to enjoy your retirement, Peter's GP told him. In 12 weeks on the Total Wellbeing Diet weight loss program he lost 31 kg*.

Sam lost 17 kg*

*Individual results may vary

Sam thanks a very steep hill in a quaint Victorian town for kick starting his weight loss with the Total Wellbeing Diet.

Ged and Therese lost 27 kg* together

*Individual results may vary

Doing the Total Wellbeing Diet program together was the final clincher that made Ged and Therese successful in finally losing weight after years of weight gain.

Julie lost 34 kg*

*Individual results may vary

Julie decided to join the Total Wellbeing Diet and lose the extra weight for her daughter's 21st. Since starting the program, Julie has lost 34 kg* and become far more active than she's been for a long time. In fact, her next goal is to run a triathlon!

Kelly lost 19 kg*

*Individual results may vary

At the end of the Total Wellbeing Diet program, Kelly had lost an impressive 19 kg*. But better than that, Kelly had her confidence back and is now living an active and healthy life.

Ged lost 18 kg*

*Individual results may vary

Ged decided to join the Total Wellbeing Diet after his doctor told him he was a dead duck for diabetes. In the first 12 weeks, he went from 120 kg to just over 100 kg*.

Michael lost 26 kg*

*Individual results may vary

Science teacher Michael Caspar (57) decided to lose weight when he realised it was time to buy a new suit – but did not want to buy one in the shape he was in. Little did he know that within the next 12 weeks, he’d fit back into a lot of clothes he’d given up on – to the dismay of his family and friends. Michael shares his weight loss tips.

Q&A with TWD member Alison Wheatley

*Individual results may vary

Alison Wheatley tried no less than 19 different diets with little or no success. It wasn't until she went on number 20, the Total Wellbeing Diet, that she found a diet that worked for her. So far Alison has lost 8 kg* with TWD.

Andrew lost 17 kg*

*Individual results may vary

Andrew made the final decision to lose the weight after a chest pain scare at the gym landed him in the hospital for 5 days.

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