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Are your Christmas favourites naughty or nice?

Is your favourite Christmas food worthy of presents or a lump of coal?

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Tips to drink less this Christmas

Find out how you can better control your alcohol intake - even during the busy Christmas period.

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6 practical steps to start losing weight today

Enough with the airy-fairy plans and promises - here are 6 practical steps you can make to start losing weight today

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10 habits that will help you lose weight

Adopting a few simple habits can make a huge difference to your health

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How to get started with exercise

Getting active means getting healthier – and getting more out of life

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Simple tricks to motivate yourself to lose weight

Finding the motivation to start losing weight today - that is the tough part.

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How to get started with a weight loss plan

Plan for weight loss success by following these few simple steps

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Why You Don’t Need to Detox

Discover why detox diets are not necessary and how a healthy eating plan is the best way to improve your health and lose weight. 

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10 quick afternoon snack ideas

Discover 10 healthy afternoon snack ideas that won’t ruin your weight loss efforts.

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10 awesome things that happen when you lose weight

Discover some of the surprising health benefits when you lose weight. 

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Why do people decide to go gluten- or wheat-free?

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Healthy fats vs bad fats: fatty foods that are good for weight loss

Fat has been the dietary super villain for decades despite the fact that it plays a crucial role in your body. Do you know healthy fats from bad fats? 

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7 tips to get your beauty sleep and lose weight

The link between sleep and body weight and how you can get a better night’s sleep. 

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The truth about sugar

What role do sugars have in our diet? How much and of what kind of sugars should we eat each day?

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Food facts: 5 food myths revealed

Can I eat carbs at night? Should I eat before I exercise? Will I gain weight if I have dinner after 8pm? We ask the experts to help us separate fact from fiction on some popular meal-time food myths.

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Healthy alternatives to your takeaway favourites

Love your takeaway but not the loaded kilojoules that comes with it? 

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How to buy the best fresh produce

There’s a reason why we enjoy certain foods at certain times of the year – they’re grown, harvested and sold in their thriving season. Discover how to choose the best seasonal fresh produce and how to store them.

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But I just ate! How can I be hungry again?!

The science behind why you’re unsatiated and hungry. Plus some healthy snack ideas to keep you from overeating.

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10 tips for a healthy Australia Day

Australia Day can easily undo your well-intentioned resolutions, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sidestep the kilo creep and nasty hangover with these 10 tips to survive Australia Day.

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How a dietitian can help you lose weight

The benefits of getting support from a dietitian when you're on a weight loss program by Total Wellbeing Diet dietitian Nicole Dynan.

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Woolworths online delivered to your door

To save you time and for extra convenience, we have integrated Woolworths online shopping into our menu plans and recipes. You can now get all of your groceries home delivered with just a few simple clicks.

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3 tips to smash your New Years Resolutions

A few of our most successful members share their tips on how to conquer your New Years Resolutions. 

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What Christmas Food Do Our Dietitians Eat?

We asked Total Wellbeing Diet dietitian Nicole Dynan and research dietitian for CSIRO Food and Nutrition, Dr Jane Bowen, what Christmas food they'll be consuming over the festive period.

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What do your portion sizes actually look like?

A quick and easy guide to knowing your portion sizes - without carrying around a scale or metric cups.

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Country by Country Guide to Healthy Eating out

Eating out tonight? Use our country by country guide to pick healthy eating options on the menu. 

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The Aussie Beer Belly: Is it a Myth?

Can a few too many drinks turn six pack abs into a beer barrel belly?

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The 7 snacks that sabotage your diet

Learn what snacks can sabotage your diet and are the main culprits of the widening Aussie waistline – and what healthy options you can eat instead.

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Eat the right diet for your age

Diet requirements change with age - find out what you should and shouldn't be eating. 

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Your ultimate guide to slow cooking

Warm up this winter and create tasty meals with these slow cooker tips and recipe ideas. 

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5 diet tips that don't work - and what you should do instead

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4 simple rules to help you lose weight

Follow our 4 simple food rules to speed up your weight loss efforts. 

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Will ditching dairy products help you lose weight?

A common weight loss strategy is to forego dairy when trying to lose weight but is that a good idea? 

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You can thaw and refreeze meat: five food safety myths busted

What are some food safety myths we’ve long come to believe that aren’t actually true?

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5 reasons you can't stick to a diet

Do you make plans to eat healthy and then crumble at temptation as soon as you see the cheese platter and wine?

Spring clean your health with our checklist

Spring is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to give your health habits a spring clean so you’re emotionally and physically ready to embrace the new season.

How to get motivated to exercise this winter

Baggy sweaters and cold weather seem to sap all motivation to eat well and exercise properly. However, there are many arguments for staying healthy over winter.

6 tips to kill your food cravings

Next time you’re stressed and tired and cravings strike, try outsmarting them instead of relying on your willpower.

Total Wellbeing Vs The 5:2 Diet

Fans of fasting diets like the 5 2 diet often find they have weight loss success, so we take a look at the pros and cons of this kind of diet.

The pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Babies probably shouldn't eat a paleo diet but should you? We look at the pros and cons of paleo.

7 Day Healthy Eating Plan for Better Eating Habits

Our 7-day bulletproof plan to create new and healthy eating habits.

How to cope with weight loss setbacks

To succeed in losing weight – or changing any health habit for that matter – stubbornness is your most important quality.

9 ways to build more exercise into your day

Exercise doesn't have to be taken seriously, just regularly. Check out our 9 tips to fit in a little exercise every day.

Beat your hunger pangs with a low GI diet

Why are low GI diets so successful at keeping hunger at bay?

Farm to supermarket: Does food lose its nutritional value?

Fruit and vegetables can sometimes travel for months between farm and supermarket but does that mean they are less nutritious?

Why are Australians gaining weight more quickly than anyone else?

Australians will soon be as BIG as Americans and it’s time for action!

Thermomix recipes for back-to-school season

We are so excited to now feature three Total Wellbeing diet recipes adapted for Thermomix to share before back-to-school season starts.

Walk-off your Easter treats

4 ways to keep your gut healthy

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