Healthy Indulgences

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has been designed to fit into your lifestyle – and a treat every now and then is a normal part of everyone’s life!

We believe it's a good thing to reward yourself for your successes and that is why we allow treats - or indulgences - every day as part of the meal plan.

An indulgence is a small serving of foods that has little to no nutritious value - basically a treat. It can be a few squares of chocolate, a small glass of wine or beer or anything you enjoy.

You don't have to eat your indulgences as part of the plan but they are there if you want them. You can even choose to save your indulgences for the weekend, or for a particular day of the week if you know you have a social outing to attend. It’s really up to you what indulgence you eat and when you eat them!

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