Terms and Conditions

Refer A Friend Offer For TWD Champions

  1. You can receive $20 for each referral to Program 1 of the Total Wellbeing Diet up to a maximum of 3 referrals ($60 total) or credit for 1 additional month's membership for each referral up to a maximum of 12 referrals.
  2. The maximum cashback will be $60 (3 friends). 
  3. Your friend has to sign up to Program 1 to receive the $20 discount
  4. Your friend has to use your unique promo code when they sign up. You receive this promo code when you sign up to TWD Champions
  5. We do not give a cashback to members who have already received a full refund of their membership fee. Instead, we offer 1 free month of membership per person you refer up to a maximum of 12 referrals. Please note that this will apply also if you receive cashbacks for referrals and later apply for the full refund of your membership fee. Your refund will then be your membership fee less the cashbacks plus 1 free month of membership for each member you refer. (Example: Jane loves the Total Wellbeing Diet, meets all criteria for a full refund, and receives the refund as a reward for her hard work. She then refers 2 of her friends who also join up. Instead of receiving 2 x $20 Jane gets 2 free months of membership).