Total Wellbeing Diet welcomes all Biggest Loser Club visitors

The website you tried to access, The Biggest Loser Club (Australia), was shut down as of 30 June 2016.

All active memberships to The Biggest Loser Club were transferred here to the Total Wellbeing Diet. If you believe your membership to be current but have not heard from us, please contact [email protected] to get this sorted.

We are excited to welcome all Biggest Loser Club members to the Total Wellbeing Diet, where you'll enjoy:

  • Brand new menu plans based on high protein, low GI recipes.
  • An online diary similar to the one you already know.
  • A range of exercise plans from beginners to advanced
  • Access to hundreds of new recipes
  • Option to purchase video sessions with an accredited dietitian
  • Option to get your menu plan groceries delivered to your door by Woolworths online with a few clicks

If you are not a current member of The Biggest Loser Club but wanted to join we recommend you instead try the Total Wellbeing Diet. To learn more about the Total Wellbeing Diet, please click here.

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Lose weight and get a refund^

only $199
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only $199
for 12 weeks
refund available^
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